Legoland Resort Autism Center

Legoland Resorts has announced that the Legoland New York Resort will be autism certified when it opens March 31 for the 2023 season, as will its other U.S. parks. (The Florida and California resorts were certified last year.)

The certification comes from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES). Here’s some of what this means (link to the full Accessibility Guide here):

  • Every ride will have a posted sensory guide developed by IBCCES indicating whether there are bright lights, loud sounds, or any features that guests might need to plan around.
  • Park maps will be marked with low-traffic areas for visitors in need of a low-sensory break area.
  • Quiet rooms will be dedicated to children with varying sensory needs – where guests can decompress with weighted blankets, dim lighting, and tactile toys.
  • Upon request, First Aid will have earplugs to assist with sound and overstimulation.
  • “Assisted Access Passes” can be requested at Guest Services.

More Accessible Activities

Be sure to visit the Accessible New York page to find other accessible activities, such as wheelchair-accessible walkways above the Adirondack forest treetops at the Wild Center and Wild Walk and the Autism Nature Trail at Letchworth State Park, N.Y., which the park calls the first such trail in the nation.

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