Housing Navigation

The New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation (NY Alliance) has opened registration for its Spring 2023 Virtual Housing Navigator Training Course that begins April 4, 2023.

Housing navigation is a service that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities who need or want to move to community-based housing.

The NY Alliance Housing Navigator Course was developed in 2015 through the Balancing Incentive Program (BIP) grant. Throughout this training, students will:

  • Learn how housing is funded, developed and sustained;
  • Understand how to base the housing process on the needs of the individual, their social capital, their assets and income, and their choices and options;
  • Learn how to design an individual’s housing plan;
  • Obtain cutting-edge, available resources and become part of a larger ‘housing’ community of practice;
  • Be qualified to create housing opportunities for individuals and to develop agency capacity for more housing options.

It’s a thorough course so a commitment to the program is needed. And yes, it costs money:¬†$800.00 for NY Alliance Provider members and $1,200.00 for everyone else.

Learn more about the program and register here.

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