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From a guardianship bill of rights to why Back women at the intersection of race, gender, and developmental disability are nearly nonexistent in the workforce,  here are more stories from around the web for the week ending Saturday, April 1, 2023.

A bill introduced in the U.S. Senate would establish a national council tasked with identifying best practices for helping individuals avoid or leave guardianships and how to modify such arrangements. Senators Want ‘Guardianship Bill Of Rights’ (Disability Scoop)

DEI Has Long Overlooked Cognitive Diversity. Unfortunately, Developmentally Disabled Black Women Suffer The Most (

Link to autistic community helps this family thrive (Bloom blog)

‘Everyone’s story is different’: Entering the workforce with a developmental disability (

Rochester McDonald’s employee acting as a voice for developmental disabilities in workforce (

Supreme Court to Hear Dispute Between Maine Hotel and Disability Activist (

More than just a workout: CNN Hero helps athletes with intellectual disabilities get fit and build connections (

This one’s from earlier in the month: Disabled students at higher risks for arrests, dropping out and being unready for adulthood (

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