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Vogue’s “Reframing Fashion: Dynamic, Daring & Disabled Issue,” CDC finds that “profound” autism affects about a quarter of people on the autism spectrum, the South’s new disability rights group, and much more.


The South has a new disability rights group with Georgia roots Founded by former members of Stacey Abrams’ campaign team, it’s reportedly the first regional group focused on disability rights in the country. (The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)


Parents with public school children with special education needs sue DOE, allege required services are not being provided The lawsuit alleges that thousands of NYC students with disabilities face long delays in receiving the special education evaluations essential to IEPs. (AM New York)

She’s fighting cancer but has to move since NYS closed her group home More heartbreaking proof of a system in crisis. (

Dutchess County basketball coach with cerebral palsy helps inspire athletes with disabilities (News 12 Westchester) Yes! Love this coverage. More people with disabilities highlighted in the media doing their own things, please. (See Vogue, below!)


NJ Special education teacher threw child under desk, forced him to wear shirt over face, cops say  This horrible story of abuse is hard to read. The teacher has been suspended pending criminal proceedings. (

Editorial: Race and geography limit service for disabled Californians. That’s wrong In California, 21 “regional centers” are tasked with helping disabled people make their own decisions and live as independently as possible, “but geography and even the spending per case vary among the centers.” (Los Angeles Times)

Private schools for whom? Special needs students caught in Texas’ school choice debate The way I understand it, Texas GOP legislators are dangling universal education savings accounts for children with special needs as a carrot in order to pass through a voucher-like program that gives families public funds to help pay for private schools. The problem: Many private schools don’t admit kids with I/DD. (The Dallas Morning News)


“Nothing Is More Fashionable Than Inclusivity”: Sinéad Burke Introduces British Vogue’s May 2023 Cover Stars The portraits include Reuben Selby, a neurodiversity advocate, and Ellie Goldstein, a British model with Down syndrome. (Vogue)

‘Profound’ autism affects about a quarter of people on the autism spectrum While mild cases make up the majority of autism diagnoses, “profound” autism affects about 27% of American children with the developmental disability, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported Wednesday. (UPI)

Why Being Bilingual Can Open Doors for Children With Developmental Disabilities The report says studies consistently demonstrate exposure to an additional language, including a minority language, does not impact language outcomes negatively (The 74)

‘Shocking’ Number Of Kids With Autism Kicked Out Of Day Care, Study Finds “Many of the children turned away had not been identified as having a disability [so] ‘part of it is a lack of teacher awareness of the prevalence of autism, and how it manifests in a very young age.'”(Disability Scoop)

COVID-19’s hidden toll: Study reveals greater mortality disparities for people with intellectual disabilities (News Medical)

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