Teacher Appreciation Week

In honor of the committed teachers who educate children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, here are links to content for Teacher Appreciation Week. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share these ready-made (for me) shout-outs.

Virginia Serpico, New York

This video of  Virginia Serpico, who works at Bornhava, an early childhood center for children with developmental disabilities in Western New York, is pure joy, from her singing to her sharing her love for her class, which she calls “the jam.”

Garrett Fernquist, New York

In this lovely video interview, Fernquist, who is a BOCES Special Ed teacher in upstate New York, makes sure to praise his students as well as the paraprofessionals and therapists with him he works.

Antonella Sciscioli, New York

Antonella Sciscioli is an elementary school teacher in Long Island who started her school career in 2010 as a student lunch aide.

OSEP Scholars

Office of Special Education and Rehabilitative Services honors scholars who completed their degree programs with support from an OSEP grant, and gives them the opportunity share why they teach. There are quite a few of them, and their stories are inspiring.

Renee Malm, Nebraska

Renee Malm is a high school special ed teacher in Nebraska who took a nontraditional path to become an educator, and who started out working in a youth shelter.

Mary Truman, Maryland

Mary Truman is a special ed teacher who was named the 2023 Teacher of the Year for Prince George’s County and is now up for Maryland’s Teacher of the Year. Good luck to you, Mary.

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