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Connecticut bill to expand disability services is ready for Gov. Lamont’s signature, there’s good news out of Florida for people in need of supports and services, Dutch doctors are too willing to euthanize people with disabilities, and more news for the week ending June 10, 2023.

New York

Rockland BOCES students weld new kayak rack in Nyack There’s a new addition near the Nyack waterfront — thanks to some local teens. (

Not New York

Connecticut: CT Senate clears expansion of autism, disability services Last week the bill passed the Assembly, and now it’s going to the governor to sign. (

Chicago: Chicago Public Schools violating state law on use of restraint, timeout in school, state says  Chicago Public Schools has put students — especially those with disabilities — at risk by not training staff on the proper use of physical restraint and timeout as required under state law, an investigation has found. (

Florida: Kids with disabilities housed in Broward nursing homes could return to their families Children with complex disabilities who for years have been housed in nursing homes in South Florida could be able to return to live with their families as a result of a civil rights lawsuit. (

Florida: Center for children and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities opens in Jacksonville It’s always news when Florida offers much-needed services to those in the state with intellectual and developmental disabilities. (

Washington: Strikeout for disability suit over T-Mobile Park sight lines A judge wrote, for the second time, that Seattle baseball fans who use wheelchairs have comparable views of the field as other seats offer. (

Federal Legislation

Sen. Blumenthal introduces bill to screen newborns for cytomegalovirus, which can cause deafness and seizures According to the CDC, one in five babies is born with cytomegalovirus, or CMV, a virus that can cause deafness, seizures and developmental delays. (

Misc. News

Are Dutch doctors too willing to euthanise people with autism and intellectual disability? Will legalized euthanasia and assisted suicide lead to unnecessary deaths because of an able-ist bias against intellectual disability and autism? These researchers say “yes.” (

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