Hop Max

Arthur series creator Marc Brown, whose long-running show bowed out last year, has a new show in the works, HBO just announced. Called Hop, the preschool animated series will have an important consultant: RespectAbility, the nonprofit organization dedicated to empowerment and self-advocacy for individuals with disabilities.

The star of the series is an outgoing six-year-old frog named Hop, who has one leg shorter than the other. His superpower is empathy. David Connolly, the first amputee to have performed on Broadway, voices the critter.

Other characters include Filipa, voiced by autistic actor Charlotte Walker. Filipa is “a fiercely intelligent squirrel” (is there any other kind?) who happens to be neurodivergent. She always speaks her mind, dislikes loud noises and big crowds, and is passionately creative.

“Even before Arthur ended, I was nurturing a new project about a little frog named Hop, for a younger audience,” said Brown in a press release. “With Arthur, we occasionally introduced characters with disabilities, but they never became part of the ensemble cast in any meaningful way. But the characters in Hop reflect many kids who are underrepresented in the media. Some of our characters have disabilities but they never define who they are or what they can achieve.”

Set in the aspirational community of Fair Village, the episodes are “grounded in emotional reality but [soar] into the world of fantasy, populated by dragons, trolls, talking banjos, and magic crayons.”


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