NJ Pancake restaurant

A new restaurant on the Jersey Shore has opened its doors wide for people with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Brandon’s Pancake House and Ice Cream Parlor in Wildwood Crest, a borough in Cape May County, was opened by partners Aimee and Karl Famiano, whose son, Brandon, is autistic.

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“Servers wouldn’t give [Brandon] a menu because they would assume that he couldn’t read,” Aimee Famiano told nj.com of why they wanted to make sure all felt welcome. “And the look on his face because of the lack of inclusion and compassion … to be at a table with a bunch of people and you not being looked at, you being overlooked.”

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On the restaurant’s website, the parents/owners write: “We wanted to provide a special place in the world where Brandon can be successful and possibly employ other people with Autism or other disabilities. Karl and I merged our dreams to give Brandon a safe place and Karl his forever dream of owning a pancake house. Our mission is to serve families making them feel welcomed and at home.”

Photo: Skyler Ewing via Pexels

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