NYS Housing

A housing grant given to the New York Alliance for Inclusion and Innovation has resulted in an ambitious project to collect statewide housing resources on non-certified housing options for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) and their families.

The goal: To create a comprehensive website and companion app with regional and statewide housing information.

But first! The project, “Housing Resources for Independent Living,” is hosting informal focus group discussions for parents and caregivers of children with I/DD. Participants will receive web-based resources on topics related to non-certified housing options for people with I/DD. Focus groups will then meet to share feedback in two key areas:

  1. Identify gaps that currently exist in the available resources.
  2. Identify any barriers to accessing and utilizing web-based resources.

You can participate if you are:

  • The parent or caregiver of a person with I/DD age 5 years or older.
  • Interested in learning more about non-certified housing options and resources.
  • Willing to review a short list of web-based resources before the discussion.
  • Able to commit up to 2 hours for the focus group discussion.

If interested, register and get more info here.

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