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A new clothing brand employs people with disabilities, the need to increase disability diversity among doctors, a Missouri mom’s company helps build inclusive playgrounds nationwide, and more news for the week ending July 8, 2023.


Creator of 21 Pineapples breaking stigmas surrounding people with disabilities CEO Nate Simmon and his mother, Holly Simon created a clothing brand to employ people with disabilities when they age out of the special ed system. (


Alabama: Disability advocates praise Alabama ban on discrimination in organ transplant donations The bill, known as the “Exton’s Law,” prohibits the denial of organ transplants to individuals based solely on their physical disabilities. (

Missouri: Your Best Life: Building playgrounds for every child A mom in Missouri decided to build all-inclusive playgrounds. (


A Teenager With Disabilities Implores Educators: ‘Be My Champion’ Helena Donato-Sapp is a 14-year-old activist with a searing message for educators: Do more to be a champion for students with disabilities. (


Physicians with disabilities bring diversity, valuable perspective Efforts to increase diversity among the physician workforce include removing the obstacles people with disabilities face when pursuing a career in medicine. (


Adaptive clothing from Unhidden is drawing worthy attention—on the runway Unhidden is the first sustainable adaptive clothing line to address many of the specific anatomical and mobility issues faced by an estimated 1 billion people worldwide. (


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