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One out of four adolescents with autism spectrum disorder go undiagnosed, disability-related complaints against airlines surged 200%, the Supreme Court weighs a big disability case and more news to know.


A new study out of Rutgers University has found a significant number of undiagnosed cases in 16-year-olds with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), particularly among adolescents with mild forms of impairment and the high percentage of adolescents who also have other neuropsychiatric disorders.

Conducted in the New York-New Jersey metropolitan area, the study joins a growing body of research at Rutgers, the site of a statewide autism spectrum disorder center established in 2018. One study released in January of this year found that autism rates had tripled, a gripping stat that raised the question of whether ASD is increasingly common or whether we’re just better at diagnosis.

For more on the latest study, NJ Spotlight News video has a good video explainer that includes a parent who already knew their child had fallen through the cracks.

New York

BluePath Service Dogs Help Autistic Children from Bolting and Wandering These beautiful and well-trained dogs are wonderful with their charges. If you want to see them in action, this short docu focuses on a BluePath dog’s journey and the people who are part of it. (Examiner)

Westchester-based sports program for special needs kids began in family’s backyard Able Athletics and its army of young volunteers has kids playing adapted lacrosse and much more. (

Outside of New York

Haledon, N.J. police compiling vital information for residents with autism A Passaic County town institutes a voluntary program to help first responders act with compassion and understanding. Back in January, police departments across Camden County began establishing similar registries. (

Detroit mom of teen with autism advocates for medical marijuana at school Michigan allows medical marijuana use for minors, but to use it during school hours state law requires checking out of class and driving 1,000 feet from campus. (

Missouri’s proposed disability changes could violate law The state moved this summer to delink self-directed supports (SDS) from the rate it pays home health agencies, paying last year’s rates for SDS. Not good, Missouri. (Missouri Independent)

Adults with disabilities segregated in Colorado nursing homes, federal government says in lawsuit The civil lawsuit claims that Colorado failed to offer sufficient community services to help people with disabilities, including older adults, live in their own homes. (

LA School Bus GPS Tracking Great Idea, Not Always Accurate This is interesting in light of New York just introducing what’s likely a similar app for tracking school buses. (

Disability Rights

Supreme Court weighs curbing disability rights laws The court grappled this wekek with whether a disability rights campaigner can sue hotels for failing to clearly disclose accessibility info on their websites as required by the ADA if she doesn’t plan to book a room. (NBC News)


Labor Department Scrutinizing Subminimum Wage Employment It’s still legal for some people with disabilities to work for less than minimum wage. (Disability Scoop)

The World

In Australia, a royal commission leaves disability segregation on the table The divided recommendations will continue education segregation for at least a generation and possibly longer. (The Conversation)

A University for People with Disabilities Has Been Founded by CNN Hero of the Year Jeison Aristizábal The school reportedly is a Latin American first. (CNN)

Arts Council England to fund project on disability representation in children’s books Draft criteria and outcomes will be shared at the 2024 London Book Fair. (


Disability-Related Complaints Against Airlines Surged Almost 200% Post-Pandemic Let’s get to the meat of it: Allegiant Air had the most complaints, followed by JetBlue and Frontier. (Thrillist)

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