Kids Can't Wait

The Kids Can’t Wait campaign from The Children’s Agenda wants New York to fix the crushing delays for Early Intervention Services experienced statewide by young children with developmental delays and disabilities.

The key cause of the delays, the campaign says, is a severe shortage of therapists and other Early Intervention professionals. It’s calling for legislators and the governor to provide an 11% increase in reimbursement rates for all Early Intervention services delivered in person to help address “decades of stagnant payment rates coupled with a payment system that is not providing increased compensation for the added costs, such as transportation and travel time, of delivering services in person at a child’s home or child care program.”

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There are two easy ways to have your voice heard, choose one!

1. Send a pre-written message to Gov. Hochul and state legislators

It’s easy! Click here.

2. Add your voice to a short video

Parents of children who have waited in the past or are currently waiting can record a short video to have their voices heard by the governor. It’s easy to do, thanks to a how-to video from Kim Dooher, VP, Parents Helping Parents Coalition of Monroe County, that walks you through the simple steps.

Just click here to watch the video.

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