Front door

The Office for People With Developmental Disabilities has announced that new Front Door Information Session videos are now available for viewing on the OPWDD website.

The Front Door Information Session outlines the process of how a person can become eligible for OPWDD supports and services, the types of supports and services available and where they can get assistance. OPWDD stakeholders suggested that short videos that break out the steps to the Front Door process would be the most helpful for viewing and retaining the information.

These short videos provide easy-to-understand information about OPWDD services and how to get started receiving services. The videos are separated into segments that provide an overview of important steps in the process and will replace the practice of requiring Front Door Information Sessions in person or online:

Getting Started with OPWDD
The Front Door Process
OPWDD Residential and Housing Supports
OPWDD Employment Services
OPWDD Care Management

These videos are currently available in English, Spanish and Simplified Chinese and will be translated into other languages over the next several months. Until those translated videos are available, OPWDD is providing translation services for anyone who needs a different language.

View Front Door videos in English

View Front Door videos in Spanish

View Front Door videos in Chinese

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