Developmental disability news

States work to eliminate the subminimum wage, “noisy” autistic brains seem better at certain tasks and more developmental disability news for the week ending March 30, 2024.

New York

The Looming Home Care Disaster In New York State More on the proposed budget cuts to the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program (CDPAP). (

“Hear my daughter’s voice through me”: Disability advocates plea state avoid program cuts This article focuses on the proposed cutting of designated representatives from CDPAP from the budget. (

Katonah-Lewisboro NY schools sue state over extension of special education eligibility age State officials told the district it had to continue educating a 21-year-old student with autism for an additional year, so the school district sued. (a lohud article, as seen on

Outside of New York

Advocates call foul for Illinois lack of disability funding The governor’s budget proposal doesn’t include a pay increase for the people who care for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Sound familiar? (

WA state spending to rise tenfold on housing for people with developmental disabilities The new funding, which will flow through grants to mostly nonprofit developers, will likely help build about 80 affordable housing units. (


For patients with disabilities, this doctor prioritizes independence — and fun A family physician and University of California, San Francisco professor has been reshaping care for adults with complex disabilities in the San Francisco Bay Area. (

Shock Devices

FDA Proposes New Ban On Shock Devices For Those With Developmental Disabilities More than two years after a ban was blocked in court, federal regulators are seeking to stop the use of devices that administer electric shocks to address behavior issues in people with developmental disabilities. (Disability Scoop)


‘Noisy’ autistic brains seem better at certain tasks. Here’s why neuroaffirmative research matters (

Neurodiverse prison unit protects, teaches inmates with autism Pennsylvania’s Neurodevelopmental Residential Treatment Unit at the State Correctional Institution is one of only a handful around the country. (

Federal Budget

The Autism Society’s Capital Connection has a detailed overview of President Biden’ FY25 Budget and the investments important to the developmental disability community.


Disabled workers can be paid less than the minimum wage. Some states want to end that. An excellent overview on the state of the subminimum wage. (

(Also, see: Ohio lawmakers propose bill to eliminate wage cuts for workers with development disabilities, from

Happy Friday!

Local photographer empowering those who live with disabilities A Cincinnati photographer hosts photo shoots to highlight the bright light within the autism and disabilities community. (

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