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A neuropsychologist says autistic kids flourish when taught how their brains work, Pennsylvania’s oldest high school students with disabilities are in limbo, and more news for the week ending May 31, 2024.


Pregnant? Researchers want you to know something about fluoride

I wanted to spotlight this study because it might take off on social media, where it likely won’t receive the needed context. Conducted in Los Angeles, it links prenatal exposure to fluoride with an increased risk of neurobehavioral problems at age 3, including symptoms that characterize autism spectrum disorder.

Importantly, the findings do not show that drinking fluoridated water causes autism or any other behavioral conditions. “Nor is it clear whether the relationship between fluoride exposure and the problems seen in the  L.A.-area children — a cohort that is predominantly low-income and 80% Latino — would extend to other demographic groups,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

However, “the results are concerning enough” that one epidemiologist advises pregnant people to avoid fluoridated water straight from the tap and drink filtered water instead.

New York

A push to end subminimum wage for people with disabilities in New York A look at the bill  sponsored by Assemblymember Phil Steck and Sen. James Skoufis. (Spectrum News 1)

Mom takes legal action against New Rochelle school district, claims aide violently yanked, yelled at autistic son (News 12 Westchester)

Outside of New York

Special needs students in PA ‘in limbo’ as court weighs plan to extend services to 22 The Pennsylvania Dept. of Ed has appealed a court’s ruling invalidating a policy entitling students with disabilities to receive special ed services until their 22nd birthday. (

N.J. special education teacher now accused of sexually assaulting 14 students Nightmare. (


How One School Fosters Belonging for Students With Disabilities A look at one of the 16 schools in Washington state aiming to demonstrate that all students benefit from inclusive classes. (Edweek)


Forced sterilizations for people with disabilities decried by members of U.S. Congress A resolution was introduced to bring attention to the experiences and challenges people with disabilities face when it comes to reproductive rights. (Michigan Advance)


Americans with disabilities are at a breaking point. Are politicians listening? “Our representatives should pay attention because they could be the most undervalued voting bloc in our country this election.” Amen. (The Hill)

Neurodivergent Kids Flourish When They’re Taught How Their Brains Work (Scientific American)

Cannes Film Festival

‘Simon of the Mountain’ Review: Federico Luis’ Sometimes Playful, Often Provocative Debut Weighs What Constitutes Disability This feature from Argentina centers on a group of nonprofessional performances: independent-minded adolescents with cognitive disabilities. (Variety)

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