Life planning

Are you a parent navigating the challenges and joys of raising a child with disabilities? The “Life Planning Summit for Parents of a Child with a Disability” might be for you.

The summit is being organized by James Lange, author of Retire Secure. And don’t worry about it being a three-day event: You can pick and choose what you want to attend. You’ll find the schedule of events and speakers as well as all other information here.

Here’s what the summit offers:

  • Expert Financial Guidance: Speakers include three co-authors and a host of others with in-depth disability experience.
  • Beyond Finances: Join our non-financial sessions to gain insights and practical tools for enhancing your family’s overall well-being, reducing anxiety, and creating a supportive environment.
  • Access Valuable Resources: Discover a wealth of resources and tools to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities of raising a child with a disability.
  • A Diverse Range of Experts: Hear from a variety of speakers who work directly with families of children with disabilities or provide adjacent services.
  • Create a Custom Learning Experience: Choose from a variety of sessions to attend based on your individual needs and interests.


When: Tuesday, June 18, Wednesday June 19 and Thursday, June 20, 2024

Time: Approximately 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Register here.

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