accessibility requests

If you’ve ever found yourself confusedly scrolling an attraction’s website or standing in a long line on-site to request an accommodation for an individual with a disability, this card from the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) might be for you.

The Digital Accessibility Card (IAC) is free and designed to help expedite the process in what it promises are three easy steps. (Note: The Boost doesn’t know how well this card works, it’s just passing along information!)

The card can be used only at participating amusement parks and attractions.

The video below explains the whole deal, including what you need to do to get one. You can also read all about it on the IAC website.

The card is for anyone requesting accommodations — including but not limited to individuals who are autistic, use a wheelchair, are blind/low vision, deaf/hard of hearing, have mobility support needs, are accompanied by a service animal, have sensory sensitivities, cognitive disabilities, or have other needs and concerns.


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