Direct Support Professionals

NOTE: There’s still time to advocate for fair pay for direct support professionals (DSPs), the dedicated caretakers of our most vulnerable. As of April 8, Albany budget negotiations were still grinding on, so The Arc New York is sharing its super simple, one-step email for your representatives. So easy! Do it now!

Fox 5 New York did an excellent piece on the crisis and how the DSP position, the backbone of residencies including the state’s many private group homes,  “is on the verge of disappearing” due to disproportionately low wages.

The report spoke with New York Alliance for Developmental Disabilities co-founder Russell Snaith, and discussed the letter the organization sent in March to Gov. Hochul and other leaders of the New York State Assembly asking for 12.5% COLA for non-profit service providers (8.5% is now being negotiated in the budget dealings) and a DSP wage enhancement of $8,000.

The Fox 5 report also has some startling statistics from New York Disability Advocates. Check it out.

Image: YAI/Creative Commons

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