Housing navigation

Housing Navigation is a time-limited, paid service that helps people with I/DD who need or want to move to community-based housing to obtain and maintain stable, long-term housing of their choice. Certified housing navigators have taken a 30+ hour course with the New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation (NY Alliance).

Full disclosure: I received the NY Alliance certification, but am not currently a housing navigator.

Services include:

  • Developing an individualized person-centered housing plan;
  • developing an individual housing budget including the optimization of benefits and financial consulting;
  • implementing a housing action plan which includes the person’s housing vision and housing budget;
  • finding a home  in the community of choice;
  • coordinating a move;
  • housing sustainability plan and transition to ongoing service providers;
  • housing crisis resolution.

Is OPWDD housing navigation a reimbursable service?

Yes, per OPWDD, housing navigation could be a reimbursable service. (What each navigator charges is up to him/her/they.) Here’s a summary of some of the ways. Be sure to check out all the details at the New York Housing Resource Center (NYHRC):

1. Self- Directing (“Other Than Personal Services”): Housing access start-up services, development of an individual housing action plan and or implementation of the housing action plan are eligible to be funded through OTPS for people with Self-Direction budgets.

2. Community Habilitation Services: If an individual is receiving Community Habilitation (CH), Housing Navigation type services can be part of the CH services if the person’s Life Plan includes Housing as a goal, and the services are detailed in the relevant Staff Action Plan. The service rules and regulations for Community Habilitation apply.

How to find a navigator

You can visit the Housing Navigator Directory to find one in your region.

The New York Housing Resource Center (HRC) for People with Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities was developed by New York Alliance for Inclusion & Innovation with funds received through the Balancing Incentive Program grant (BIP). The HRC acts as a clearinghouse for information and resources for the housing professional across the state and helps to foster collaboration between and among the housing industry and related professions, service provider agencies and people with I/DD. The HRC provides all housing stakeholders with technical assistance on housing matters and community training for people with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities and their families.

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