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Inside the world of reality TV dating shows for people with disabilities, advocates fight the subminimum wage in Connecticut, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities share what “home” means to them, and more news to know for the week ending Aug. 12, 2023.


With the rise of far-right parties the world over, this is just frightening to consider: German far right’s Höcke wants to kick disabled kids out of regular schools German politicians and disability campaigners reacted with shock when asked about Höcke’s comments. (


‘I don’t like people feeling sorry for us’: inside the world of TV’s disabled dating shows Disability-specific romance series are on the rise, including new Netflix series Down for Love. But are they more harmful than helpful? (

Having A Disability Is Just Part Of Living Life In New Netflix Animated Series ‘Mech Cadets’ An interview with show consultant Josh Sundquist, who has “limb differences.” The majority of the storylines in the show are based on his own personal experiences as a middle school adolescent. (

Personal Stories

In their own words: Disabled storytellers share what ‘home’ means to them The Center for Public Integrity held an event on July 26 — the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act — called “What is Home?” that explored the challenges of finding safe homes for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (


Education a Civil Rights Issue for Black Students with Disabilities & Families An advocate from Advocating 4 Kids, Inc., which is hosting its first Black Collective Network Advocacy Conference, says that Black parents must come together to hold school and government officials accountable. (

A Dual Approach for Autism “Within the autism community, two seemingly opposing camps have emerged—adult self-advocates influenced by historic views strongly oppose anything related to the medical model and emphasize the strengths and capabilities of individuals. … What is troubling is that many believe that it must be an either-or scenario.” (

New York

Athletes of all abilities take part in Schenectady’s inaugural Disability Baseball Day Individuals from Schenectady ARC and additional community organizations joined other residents and police officers. (

Playground for those with disabilities, walking path planned for Port Washington North News from Long Island.  (

Outside of New York

Colorado: Colorado expands inclusive higher education programs for students with intellectual disabilities Seven years ago, Colorado was one of only three states that didn’t have an inclusive higher education program. Today it has four programs thanks to IN Pathways to Inclusive Higher Education. (

Maryland: Harford County camp is teaching children with disabilities how to ride a bike At the Harford County bike camp in Baltimore, volunteers assisted the children with disabilities with specially designed bikes to teach them how to ride on their own. (

Connecticut: For people with disabilities in CT, a path toward workplace inclusion Thirty-three years after the ADA, jobs remain segregated and hundreds of workers in Connecticut earn a subminimum wage. (

Kentucky: Kentucky considers Medicaid waiver for children with intellectual, related disabilities The Kentucky Cabinet for Health and Family Services is looking into the feasibility of a Medicaid home and community-based services program for children who have severe emotional disabilities, intellectual or related disabilities and autism spectrum disorder. (I’m kind of gobsmacked that Kentucky doesn’t do this already…?) (

Kansas: Faced with overwhelming need, disability services providers urge more funding from Kansas lawmakers (

Boston: Thousands with Complicated Disabilities Languish as Massachusetts Struggles with Staff Shortages at Care Programs (

Georgia: Outside metro Atlanta, accessing services for autism is ‘a full-time job’ (


LaGuardia’s new Terminal B wins awards for its design and accessibility The terminal is equipped with hearing loops available at all guest experience desks, intuitive departure board displays in two formats along with color coding to support easy interpretation and gate distance information, accessible assistance at kerbside drop-off/check-in service with call button, color-coded wayfinding across the airport, and a calming seating area with sensory stimulation features such as plants and foliage. (

Studies & Research

Study shows autistic people are more likely to engage in self-harm — but not because of autism I tend to stay away from posting studies, but this one is getting lots of press so, might as well. (

A physiotherapist studies how exercise can repair the brain “The primary research I’m doing looks at the effect of aerobic exercise on children who have been treated for brain tumors. Aerobic exercise has been studied in a bunch of different clinical populations and it’s thought to stimulate the production of myelin, which is the white matter areas of the brain.” (Bloom blog)


The disabled Founding Father who put the ‘United’ in ‘United States’ (


A boy on the autism spectrum struggled with a haircut. His barber saved the day (

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